• Xi5 Saltwater

      Xi5 Saltwater

    • X5 Saltwater, Hand-Operated

      X5 Saltwater, Hand-Operated

    • R5 Saltwater

      R5 Saltwater

    • X3 Saltwater

      X3 Saltwater

    • Xi3 Saltwater

      Xi3 Saltwater

    • R3 Saltwater, Hand-Operated

      R3 Saltwater, Hand-Operated

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MotorGuide's freshwater lineup ranges from the lightweight and economical R3, to the tough-as-nails Tour edition with enough in-between models to suit any need. Our saltwater product line includes the best saltwater resistance in the market, that's why we call it the Great White.
Take a drive through our product lineup. You'll be surprised at the options and configurations available to you. From hand controls, to pontoon mounts, to total wireless control motors and options to connect your sonar-unit, MotorGuide has you covered for your fishing comfort.